APES, Our Hydrocyclone Dual screen Sand Washing System, ensuring the highest quality of M-Sand and Plaster sand for various applications.

Experience the power of advanced hydro cyclone technology that sets new standards in sand washing, our hydro cyclones are Highly Efficient and customizable cutoff ranges from 75 Microns to 150 microns are designed to meet the unique demands of Customers to Reduce the Product Losses,

We Supply 40TPH to 120TPH Fully Automated Sand Washing Systems,

High-Rate Thickener

A High-Rate Thickener is an advanced sedimentation device designed to accelerate the settling process in slurries, facilitating the separation of solids from liquid. Our Thickener are Designed for Rapid Water Recovery,

APES thickeners feature a modular design, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. This modular approach streamlines the erection process, facilitating quick installation and minimizing downtime,

We supply 6mtr diameter to 15mtr Diameter Thickener.

APES Slurry Pump Spares:

Our Slurry Pump Spares are engineered to delivering High quality and reliability in the most demanding applications; we provide the essential components that ensure your slurry pumps operate at peak performance

Flocculant Dosing Systems

APES Flocculants Systems offer flexibility with customizable configurations to meet the specific requirements of your water treatment processes. Tailor the system to suit the unique characteristics of your application. Our Automated Flocculant Dosing System is equipped with cutting-edge technology for precision dosage control. Achieve optimal flocculation with accuracy in chemical dosing, enhancing the efficiency of water treatment processes

We Supply 0.5m3/hr to 15m3/hr Automated Flocculant Dosing System

Gear Box Spares and Services

Our SMSR gear box spares include high-quality spur and helical gears, ensuring smooth and efficient power transmission. These precision-engineered gears contribute to the overall reliability of your gearbox.

Drive Shaft and Racker Arms
Flocculant System
Hydro cyclone
PU Screen Panels
Rake Lift Mechanisim
Rubber Hose
Sand washing Plant
Slurry pump spares
Spray Nozzles
Thickener Tank
Vortex and Apex Finder