Annual maintenance contract

where reliability meets convenience through our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs). We understand that ensuring the consistent performance of your equipment is crucial for the success of your operations. Our unique approach goes beyond routine maintenance — we take on the risks, provide expert servicing and ensure a low cost per ton making us the trusted choice for businesses in the industry.

Key features of AMC

  • Low Cost Per Ton:

APES AMCs are designed to drive operational efficiency, resulting in a remarkably low cost per ton processed.

We optimize every aspect of maintenance to maximize output while minimizing operational expenses.

  • Risk Management:

By taking all risks associated with crusher machinery operation and Production, APES liberates you to focus on your core business.

Our comprehensive risk management strategies ensure the reliability and longevity of your equipment.

  • Spare Parts Supply:

As the direct supplier of genuine spares, APES guarantees a seamless and efficient supply chain during AMC servicing.

Access to high-quality spare parts is integral to our commitment to reducing downtime and maintaining peak performance.

  • Service Excellence:

APES sets the industry standard for service excellence, backed by a team of expert technicians armed with the latest tools and knowledge.

Our proactive approach to maintenance ensures that issues are identified and resolved before they impact operations.

  • Long-Lasting Performance:

Beyond routine maintenance, APES is ensuring the healthy and long-lasting performance of your machinery.

We go the extra mile to enhance the overall lifespan of your equipment, contributing to sustained productivity.